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RSM Chengdu Office

Our decision to open office in Chengdu is strategic and for the benefits from the long-run game with various factors (culture, history, education, institution etc.). We are not discriminative in different cities in China, on the basis that we have already EUR office and robust collaboration in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and HK. Chengdu office will take care of RSM business in China, not only focus on the west China, even though it has been acknowledged by both Chinese government and society that Chengdu has been and will be strategically one of few most important economic engines for the next round of China’s development in both economy and national innovation.

More and more international universities have moved and will move their focus and base to west China, same as what Chinese universities and multinationals are doing in recent years. It is a very strategically smart step for RSM to move ahead.

We are expecting our stakeholders (including all of you) to support RSM in China and we sincerely welcome our alumnus and students work together with us to bring both RSM and you fortune.

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