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Tai Chi, The Water Being of Yin-Yang Alteration and Integration

Tai Chi, as one of the carriers of Daosim, follows the characters of water and its nature.

Nothing is soft or weak forever, same as nothing can be strong forever. Water, taking advantages of its strongest softness, is able to absorb and conquer all the hardness and strongest . If taking the dummy of time beings, water is the purest, strongest, and finest creature in this universe, and its nature is used in the theoretical foundation of Tai Chi.

Speaking of Water nature in Daoism, nothing is said to be able to against water. Water and its nature & characters are incorporated into Tai Chi, in terms of being soft and being relaxed as the foundation and being connected between body and mind as the mechanism to (1) refresh your body and mind in your inner world , and if necessary (2) to protect from those seemingly-stronger matters from the outer world.

Learning from Water can rise our wisdom to manage self, manage relationship with others, and even manage a country, an organization, or /and a family. The art of it is to use the weakness and softness against hardness or the strongest, by linking and leveraging with others, and by working on an oneness with yin-yang discrimination. It is well-presented in one of Tai Chi functions as defensing, and in terms of changing a misfortune to a fortune. With water flows, Tai Chi flows, and Yin-Yang alternates and integrates. It is in each of Tai Chi posture and each step of tai chi determined medication motion.

Being water, in daily training, also means learning to detach and set up a self-mental system. Tai Chi emphasizes being mentally calm and physically relax, but being strong in will power and being consecutively self-featured slow, long, soft, and deep in each of breathing. The mediation in Tai Chi is in Tai Chi itself; it is a meditation motion, flowing within body and mind; being connected but never closely attached. This concept of detachment in connection of mediating motion is a magic. And it is able to bring a true oneness to yourself, completely and literally a naked yourself.

Over years, this motion of mediation comes to one's mental peace, and guild a self-consciously positive mechanism. Drawing from the merit of Daoism and Tai Chi Yin-Yang alternation and integration, there are a number of advices for daily mindfulness, as being water and as being self.

1. Detach the false ego from the true self.

2. Detach the mind from memories and hopes.

3. Learn to approach to desirelessness, the state of the perfection.

4. Believe in and practice egolessness to the state of contemplation

5. Believe in love and surrender yourself to yourself and kill the shadow.

(Accept what u think of your imperfections in you if judged by others and be honest to it, to bravely retrain it to be the better nurturing with your positive mind.)

Mental peace is just there...


Some water-description can be seen in Daoism chapter 78 道德经第78章:

天下莫柔弱于水,而攻坚强者莫之能胜,以其无以易之也。 弱之胜强,柔之胜刚,天下莫不知,莫能行。

Nothing is as soft and weak as water, but none beats water in winning against the hard and strong, for water is irreplaceable. The weak defeats the strong and the soft defeats the hard; Everyone knows it yet no one acts by the fact.

Speaking of managing a country, Daoism Stresses that:

"Who can bear humiliation for the people can own the state; Who can endure misfortune for the state can be king."


是以圣人云: “受国之垢,是谓社稷主; 受国之不祥,是为天下王。” 正言若反。

So Sage says, "Who can bear humiliation for the people can own the state; Who can endure misfortune for the state can be king." Truthful words sound like the opposite."


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