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Jos Operas (Cheb 2011) Foreign direct investment in China: effect of location-specific determinants on the type of

Renee Everaert (Cheb 2011) The effects of cultural novelty on expatriate adjustment in China.

Anke Muryango (Cheb2011) The antecedents of individuals’ entrepreneurial cognition and their influence on
individuals’ and firms’ entrepreneurial orientation.

Pooi-Ji-Huang (Cheb 2012) Analysis of TV format success from a business model perspective: the case of The Voice of …

Exploring the correlation between the business model of TV formatting and the format performance.

Erjen Groen (Cheb 2012) The Emergence of venture creation intentions: a cognitive perspective.

Marnix Hoebert (Cheb 2012) Chinese Firms’ M&A in Western Countries: A comparison between M&A activities of
Chinese and German firms.


Nikki de Witt (Cheb 2012) The influence of the central-local conflict on rising house prices: the Chinese case.

Qi Chen (Cheb 2012) Consumer acceptance of an emerging offline payment service in China: an empirical evaluation.

Tong Jiang (Cheb 2012) International R&D of Dutch MNCs in China: a Multiple case study.

Malou Volkers (Cheb 2012) Social capital of Dutch entrepreneurs in the Pearl River Delta.

Matthijs Geertjes (Cheb 2012) Guanxi, Corporate Governance and Market Valuation in China.

Jason Tan (Cheb 2012) The Reverse Spillover Effect of Chinese Multinational Firms and Their subsidiaries in OECD Countries.

Maarten van Brenk (Cheb 2012) Exploring the Dynamic Food Retail Competition in Megacities: the Effect of Income

Distribution and Retail Competition on The Existence on the Existence Nanostores in Beijing

Zindziwe Jasen (Cheb 2012) Social capital and Dynamic Capabilities: the Institutional Context Perspective.

Akos Kovacs (Cheb 2012) The Role of Chinese OFDI in Hungary-Motivations, Benefits and Opportunities for the
Hungarian and Chinese Catching-up Process.

Jahannes Deselaers (Cheb 2013) Introducing the Smart Electric Drive in the Chinese Market ---Dynamic Capabilities view.

Laura van Rijn (Cheb 2013) what flight times do air travelers prefer? A comparative study on European and Chinese air travelers

Maria Jose Malpartida Escribens (Cheb 2013) The Effect Of Inventory Turnover On Financial Performance In The
Chinese Retail Industry

Yong Ho(Cheb 2013) The Effects of Corporate Social Performance, Ethical Leadership and Long-term Cultural
Orientation on Organizational Attractiveness: Difference between Chinese and Dutch job seekers

Hannie Tran (Cheb 2013) CSR policies among Chinese Multinationals in the Netherlands

Danny Rowshandel (Cheb 2013) Disruptive Innovations by Chinese Enterprises: Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities To Become Competitive

Matthijs Geertjes( Cheb 2013) Guanxi, corporate governance and market valuation in China

Cat Hai Chiem(Cheb 2013) Coevolution & Open Innovation: The Internet Industry in China


Tom Medema (Cheb 2013) Electronic Marketplaces as a Driver of Economic Growth in China’s Less Developed Cities

Laura van Rijn (Cheb 2013). What Departure Time Do Chinese Air Travelers Prefer? A comparative analysis to European air travel preferences.

Annemieke Zuurman (Cheb 2013) Technological development and the rise of startups in China.

Ashely van ter Klugt (Cheb 2013) How have Chinese women become successful concerning the underlying tensions of personal, historical, institutional, and demographic influences.

Peng Wei Ren (EMBA 2015) Chinese Outbound Travel Trends and

David Trejtel (EMBA 2015) Ice Wine in Shanghai


Hannah Fan (EMBA 2015) Feasibility of Launch GILDER’s Product in Chinese Market


Wenfei Wang (CEMS 2016/17/ 43831) Cultural distance in cross-border acquisitions, and the impact of CEO’s Managerial Time Orientation. 


Jose Morales Corral (SE 2016/17/ 370965) The New Generation of Entrepreneurship Courses and their Impact on Individuals’ Entrepreneurial Intention and Behavior. 


Susanna Heinen (SE/2016/17/460512) The Geographic expansion of Dutch Startups to East Asia 

David Ceravolo (MiM 2016-2017) How can digitalization be integrated in the luxury fashion companies’ business model without losing concept of luxury?

SUN Zhenpeng (EMBA 2016/2017) DevOps is the Key Competence in the Digital Economy. 

Halil Koseoglu (EMBA 2016/2017) Defining growth strategy for an information technology start-up Keansa Solutions LLP. 

Yali Dai (MiM, 2017/2018) ICO Valuation. 

Binglu Ma (MiM, 2017/2018) Benelux Technology Companies' Internationalization in the Chinese Market under the “Belt and Road Initiative”-Three case studies at Benelux technology companies

Yu-Chen Huang (MiM, 2017/2018) Factors Affecting Green Purchase Intention of Green Skin Care Products in China

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