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Education, Ethics, Success, and A Meaningful Life

I love the talk/book of Clay Christensen on "How you will measure your life" very much. I would like to share it again here with all of you with my brief thoughts . Hope it is helpful for everyone in this circle, and those in your circle to re-think the meaning and measure of our life and success, especially of our daily school, family, business, and social education to our children, beloved ones, and our stakeholders, particularly to those in capitalism countries such as China and USA (obviously these two countries' happiness index ratio are not as promising as their economic index).

Success never comes along with your wealth and your social status but instead with your sincerely ethical behaved ( with your positive mindset and attitude) and blessing impact to the individual people. If everyone believes in and obeys to this, we would have less cost in shaping our over- invested "brain development" for our children on what success norm is (measured by wealth and status); we would have less energy to invest on correcting or punishing their unethical behavior late-on in their career/jobs/families, and we would be able to leave a better environment for them to create a truly sustainable planet, and we would not cause tear of our president in USA and anti-corruption campaign in China. The world will thereafter became much more harmonious and orderly sustainably developed, in particular by pre-crowding out intentions and events of those unethical business and unethical behavior of some people, as well as of those seemingly successful impostors but not successful corporates.

Behaviors from people from bottom up layers determines the success and meaning of an organization and a country, not very much with a causality by the behavior (of either leaders or followers) being right or wrong for immediate profitability, but in a causality to people's "religion" (belief) and behavior being ethical or not, being authentic or not, in a long run, to our society; These are very much charged and shaped by our education including family, school,business, and social educations, from neurotheology perspective to shape our norms, and from neuroscience perspective to build a healthy metabolism process of our brain neurons and connections. We need an education with an ethical mindset and vision firstly, then we are able to create and transfer corresponding ethical attitude, norms, and knowledge to our children and students. You and I, as part of many educators (from business schools), have this responsibility.

This is a big project, a project to change education trajectory; it needs all of our attention and effort; an effort from now on to firstly reflect what does measure our life and success, and then collectively implement and add true values to others, including to ourselves.

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