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Ant Financial --A True ONE with Eco-system & social entrepreneurial based Community (a lovely sp

This is a company/community we have so much interests in understanding, the one set up on a stakeholder-based value and truly developed with social responsibility cognition/culture.

Professor Zhu Feng from Harvard Business School, I, and our research associate (Anthony Woo and Nancy Dai) are very honored in engaging in a series of projects studying this community. We learned a lot from this community and especially from a group of "unbelievable" entrepreneurs (ants). We are so privileged in being allowed to zoom into their eco-system and sharing platform. Ant Financial, a spin-off from Alibaba, with its ancestor named Alipay, is a true one offering their stakeholders true values (from its born moment). We see Ant Financial develop as an organic community dedicating in mass innovation through identifying & resolving China's social-economic problems, and seeking economic-social credits for more than 80 percentage of Chinese population.

We also see this community has a magic culture attracting and raising the most innovative "ants" in China and offering a majority of Chinese population a large scope of progressing micro financial service.

We are very happy receiving research support from HBS, RSM, and Ant Financial to study this community. We look forward to receiving comments and questions to our upcoming series of output in terms of HBS case, research articles, managerial papers, and other forms of discussion etc.

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